#amovieinapic is a collection of short films made with only 1 image: a picture shot with my Yashica.

I hand process the film, I digitize it and I make a squared film shorter than 1 minute.

I put no other limit to this independent microfilm production process, that hybridises analogue and digital format.

Here you are the short films close to their own “origin negative”.

Ceci n’est pas un message (Este no es un mensaje)

Italia, Cuba | 120 mm | 59″ | 2018

When places, memories and voices entangle in front of me.

My calle 13

Italia, Cuba | 120 mm | 59″ | 2018

Sometimes I go faraway and I feel at home. Is that possible?

Visca les putes! (¡Viva las putas!)

Italia, España | 47″ | 120 mm | 2018

Text (original in Catalan): “8M feminist strike.
We denounce:
triple discrimination for being woman, foreigner and whore.
We too suffer chauvinist violence.
It’s everyone’s strike, because feminist fight can’t be against whores or without them”.

Reharsal for a love story

Italia, Cuba | 59″ | 120 mm | 2020

Reharsal for a love story

I have a nightmare (Tengo una pesadilla)

Italia, Cuba | 59″ | 120 mm | 2018

Every coin has two sides (at least).

La función (The function)

España, Italia | 120 mm | 28″ | 2018 |

Synchrotron, where Physics meets Cinema.