1h 8′ | HD | Cuba, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Chile | 2020

This film originates from the question “what does it mean to plagiate images? How can you do it?”

12 filmmakers decide to play a game and a cinematographic dialogue: separated by geographical distance, they make a film that chases itself through different countries and that looks at itself from different subjectivities.

– 41 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano section Vanguardia, Cuba, 2019
– 20º DOC Buenos Aires section Cineastas de Nuestro Tiempo, Argentina, 2020
– Festival de cine Istar, Cuba, 2021


Directors’ note
After sharing a common experience in Cuba, 12 film directors say good-bye and return to their home countries, but before they leave, they make a pact: to make a collective film that will answer the questions “What does it means to plagiarize images?”, “How to plagiarize through distance?” The mechanism is unusual: A director makes a short film and sends it to the next director, who in turn makes their own short film with the purpose of plagiarising the one that they have received. Each of them interprets, in their own way, the meaning of plagiarising the short film they received. Each participant will identify with a number from 0º to 11º. Number 0 is James Benning.
Technical sheet
Duration: 1h 08′
Genre: Experimental Documentary
Format: HD
Year: 2020
Produced and directed by: James Benning, Alessandro Focareta, Germán Ayala, Andrea Novoa, Francesca Svampa, Letícia Simões, Melisa Liebenthal, Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcava, Fabiana Salgado, Yuji Kodato, Yamel Thompson, Jaime Guerra
Sonido: José Homer Mora